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CONTECH SOLUTIONS Warranty Policy Introduction

The CONTECH Cabling System Warranty Policy is based on the one pillar: 25-year system quality warranty The 25-year quality warranty automatically starts after the date of the CONTECH 25-year warranty certification issued.

1.1 CONTECH 25-Year System Quality Warranty

The 25-year system quality warranty incorporates the current statutory warranty concerning manufacturing defects and product defects CONTECH Cabling System gives a 25 years’ quality warranty for all CONTECH copper and fiber optic components, ordered from CONTECH, which was only installed by CONTECH Certified Engineers. It is valid for a basic period of 25 years. The 25 years’ quality warranty automatically starts after the certification issued and valid if the products are used following the CONTECH operation instructions. The customer cannot claim for the damages caused by mis-handling or wrong installation at the customer site. CONTECH cabling products that are found to be defective during operation, will be replaced or repaired free of charge by CONTECH Cabling System, if the failure or defect was not the result of wrong or mis-handling. The 25-year system quality warranty is restricted to the replacement or repair of the defective component. It does not cover the installation costs or the damages caused to the user, owner or a third party. The certification will therefore only be delivered under but not limited to the following conditions:

    • All products used in the cabling system must be genuine CONTECH products as defined in this warranty policy.
  • It is a must that the end-user at least has two approved CONTECH Certified Installer (CCI) for the installations of the structured CONTECH Cabling System. It is only in that case that CONTECH will provide a 25-year quality warranty certification with other clauses complied.
  • The network cabling system design is made jointly by the CCE, who must have personally attended the designer training organized by CONTECH and obtained a numbered CONTECH certificate.
  • The cabling network system design must be in accordance with the CONTECH cabling design guidelines as well as the international IEC 11801, EN 50173 and TIA 568/942 standards.
  • The products and systems have been tested 100% passed with the calibrated network testers.
  • Only CONTECH approved copper and fiber optic patch cords are allowed to be used to qualify for a Channel Performance quality. Fail to use approved patch cords might invalidate the Channel Performance warranty, and only a Permanent Link Performance warranty certificate might be offered.

1.2 General CCI Requirements

  • Each project which will potentially apply for the 25-year CONTECH quality warranty needs to have at least two installers within the site staff who must have successfully attended and completed the CONTECH Cetified Installer Training program.
  • It is the responsibility of the CONTECH Certified Installer to train and educate other peoplemworking on site for installations & tests in order to maintain the quality of installed products and system.
  • The CONTECH Certified Installer will verify each installation completed by them and sign off signatory for those installations, with one engineer be the designer and the other be the investigator,together with the test report with measurement results.
  • All CONTECH Certified Installer will need to attend the refreshing and update trainings of new technology and products organized by CONTECH.
  • Should the number of CONTECH Certified Installer fall to one, the project owner/installer needs to assure to provide replacement within three months to support granting a warranty from

CONTECH for the project accomplished.


The warranties contained herein are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The remedies stated herein are the sole and exclusive remedies available under the warranties granted. Any liability for installation and removal costs, loss of use, loss of revenues or profits, consequential or indirect damages are specially excluded.

1.3 CONTECH 25-Year Quality Warranty Application

To apply for the CONTECH’s 25-year quality warranty following requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Finish the Registration within 1 month from the date of accomplishment of the project. Call the hotline of CONTECH local agencies or CONTECH regional offices to obtain the registration form and complete for submission.
  • Submit the Application Form within 3 month from the date of accomplishment of the project together with following documents.
    • 100% passed test report in hard copy or in electronic file
    • Total network topology map
    • Bill of material (BOM)
    • A copy of invoice issued by CONTECH authorized agency/distributor
  • Only after the complete set of documents has been sent to and verified by the local CONTECHsupporting product managers (PMs), these documents will be sent to the CONTECH Cabling System Quality Assurance (QA) center for final technical and warranty evaluation based on the test results. If these are in line with or above the identified specifications, the documents will be approved and filed, and an official CONTECH 25-year Warranty Certificate will be issued.
  • The Warranty Certificate will be afterwards delivered through local CONTECH customer service representatives to the authorized agency or distributor, and afterwards to the end user through the certified system integrator (SI).


CONTECH Cabling System reserves the right to re-inspect and re-validate any installations or alterations of any installation before and after the warranty certification.

1.4 Warranty Claim

1.4.1 Procedures

Upon the discovery of any product defects, the end user must investigate and distinguish if the possible cause of the failure is not related to CONTECH or to claim from CONTECH.

Any formal warranty claims shall be made initially to CONTECH local Agency, or to CONTECH local representatives upon discovery of the alleged defects in writing. If the end user informs CONTECH local representatives directly, a CONTECH local Agency might be appointed to represent CONTECH.

The defective product is returned to CONTECH local Agency or CONTECH local representatives with a formal RMA issued by CONTECH.

The repair or replacement of defective products will only be performed after CONTECH Cabling System has reviewed and verified the products that were not caused by misuse, neglect, and improper installation or modification.

The end user must provide the evidence of Copy of Invoice and Packing List from CONTECH local Agency or CONTECH sales entity.

Any disputes under this warranty are governed by the law prevailing in the country where the products were invoiced by CONTECH.

1.4.2 Cost

In the event of a valid CONTECH warranty claim:

  • CONTECH Cabling System will have any defective parts replaced or repaired with CONTECH own costs during the warranty period.
  • In the case that the replacement product which is to be used for warranty purpose has been delivered to CONTECH local Agency, CONTECH will bear both the product cost and the shipping cost according to CONTECH warranty policy. Otherwise an invoice will be issued as usual to the CONTECH local Agency or end user or purchaser for the product and freight.
1.4.3 Conditions

The CONTECH quality warranty claim is valid if:

    • The 25-year warranty has been registered with and certified by CONTECH Cabling System within 3 months after registration.
    • The claimed CONTECH cabling products used for the particular project were completely new and had not been used before.
    • All copper and fiber optic patch cords, faceplates, Baluns and adaptors used to test the Permanent Links and/or Channel Performance are original CONTECH products or CONTECH approved products.
    • It is proven that the CONTECH cabling products had been stored and used following the operation environment and working conditions they were designed for, and installed in accordance with CONTECH


  • The system had been installed by at least 2 CONTECH Certified Installer (CCI).
  • The system and products have been tested according to designed specification which was notified to and agreed by CONTECH.
  • All installations and test records must be updated to reflect any maintenance movements, additions, or changes etc. CONTECH Cabling System is not responsible for any system modifications performed after the issue of a 25-Year Quality Warranty Certificate unless otherwise approved by CONTECH.
  • Fail to follow above warranty claim conditions might further invalidate the initial warranty.
1.4.4 Exemption

The CONTECH warranty claim does not cover:

  • The installation and maintenance of any other portions of the end user’s cabling system which not covered by the CONTECH warranty certificate.
  • The products not supplied directly or through CONTECH authorized agency or from CONTECH sales entities.
  • Defects resulted from moves, changes or additions made by a 3rd party other than the CONTECH Certified Installers.
  • Defects resulted from a non-compliant or improper design, installation, use or repair by the non- CONTECH approved parties.
  • Defects resulted from any misuse, neglect, accident or abuse of the products.
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