Lowest TCO for physical layer solutions of Copper, Fiber, Coaxial, Network Cabinets and components.


Contech-Solutions bring the complete family of Coax (Common Axis of the Two Conductors) cables for indoor and outdoor applications in multiple impedances 75 and 50 ohms as well as range of RG6, RG11, RG59, LMR, Corrugated & MIL-C-17 cables. Our cables are made of different materials Bare Copper, Silver Covered Copper, Tinned Copper, Copper clad Aluminum and Copper covered Steel solid or stranded type according to application requirement, now whether you are looking flexibility or dealing with Attenuation our cost effective end-to-end Coaxial cabling solution gives the best ROI, Quality and Performance. Contech-Solutions offer top quality connectors, assemblies and accessories range is ideal for in-building, in-cabinet and outdoor environment to ensure RF signals and energy.

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