Cold Aisle Containment System

Part No: CS-NCH02-XXX.

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Product Description

Cabinet Supported Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) Solution isolates a room’s cold air supply and confines it to an entirely closed off area targeted at cooling IT equipment instead of the room. With the fronts of cabinets facing each other as they would in a typical cold aisle design,

Designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each installation, CAC can span a continuous row of cabinets up to 52”L (15.8 m), aisles that are two or three raised access floor tiles wide, and elevated the ceiling 4”H (100 mm) to 12” (300 mm) above the contained aisle for additional headroom. CAC is also equipped to support different cabinet heights through adjustable filler panels, ensuring that the performance and integrity of this isolation strategy reaches its fullest potential.


The Cold Aisle Containment System is a passive cooling solution which can be easily applied to improve the efficiency or expand the capacity of a data center with minimal incremental cost. By containing the cold air supply and isolating it from the rest of the room, cold aisle containment prevents mixing of cold and hot air. The room’s perimeter cooling system can now operate more efficiently because it does not have to compensate for the detrimental impact of mixed airflow. This allows the cooling system to operate at higher temperatures while still sufficiently and safely cooling the equipment. Higher temperatures reduce energy costs through lower fan speeds, higher chilled water temperatures, and more frequent use of free cooling. This efficiency also provides additional capacity to cool greater heat densities with the existing cooling system without investing in move costly active supplemental cooling products.